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  1. Causes of damage to dust filter bag and Solution


    In recent years, some units blindly reduce the cost of equipment and increase profits. When designing the bag filter, the filtering wind speed is increased. In a short time, users have no obvious reaction, but the service life of the filter bag is greatly shortened. This does not save users money, but brings a very large economic burden, and a waste of time. How to prolong the service life of filt

  2. Causes of damage to dust filter bag and Solutions


    The filter bag dedusting equipment belongs to the dry dedusting device, which can not only catch fine dust, purify flue gas, but also help to recycle the exhaust gas. In the whole dedusting process, the dedusting filter bag is the most important dedusting tool, which directly affects the dedusting effect of the whole system, but its cost is also slightly high, and it is easy to be damaged due to l

  3. Maintenance of dedusting bag filter


    About this bag of dust remover, or filter bag of dust remover. Now we also call it the "heart" of dust removal equipment. In this way, the dust collector bag filter bag occupies a very high position in the dust removal project. However, the bag of dust remover is also relatively "fragile". Why do you say so? Usually, if you look at the resistance value of the equipment carefully and analyze the "d

  4. Now how to choose filter bag?


    The filter bag can be called the heart of the dust remover. The selection of the filter bag is very important. It directly affects the dust removal effect of the dust remover. The fabric and design of the filter bag should try to pursue high-efficiency filtration, easy dust stripping and durable effect. The selection of filter bags should be based on the following aspects: gas temperature, humidit

  5. Three gases easy to corrode filter bag


    As one of the most commonly used dust and flue gas filter materials, as long as the type selection is appropriate, its service life is generally more than one to two years, accounting for only 20% of the operating cost of the dust collector. When the flue gas or dust under special working conditions needs to be treated by the bag filter, the composition and content of corrosive gas shall be carefu

  6. What are the technical requirements for making dedusting filter bags in China


    In industry, there are many cases that bag filter is used to filter smoke, dust and waste gas. In recent years, the development of dust removal technology and the emission standard of smoke and dust have been improved, so many of the dust bags play a key role in the filtration of smoke and dust. While the dust bag filters most of the dust particles on the surface of the bag. What kind of dust can

  7. Ultra high temperature and low emission new dedusting filter bag


    Introduction to conventional high temperature resistant filter bag: On the basis of glass fiber needled felt, P84 fiber is added to the high temperature resistant filter bag to make the felt layer closer and the winding between the fibers stronger, which can cope with higher filtering wind speed.

  8. Cause analysis of clogging failure of dedusting filter bag


    It is a common phenomenon that the filter bag of dust removal is blocked, which will cause the high differential pressure of the dust remover and the failure of normal filtering and dust removal, mainly due to the following reasons:

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