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  1. Scientific knowledge of PTFE film covered filter bag


    The surface of the filter material of the PTFE coated dust collection bag is compounded with a layer of microporous membrane, which has the characteristics of smooth surface, waterproof and breathable, easy dust removal, corrosion resistance, high filtration efficiency, long service life, etc., and realizes "surface filtration".

  2. Composition and classification of dedusting filter bag


    Filter bag is the core part of bag filter. The filter bag is composed of the bag body sewn by the filter material and the supporting, clamp, chain, anti shrinkage ring and other accessories that play an auxiliary role. The filter bag and its accessories of the external filter bag filter are composed of Venturi tube, frame, elastic ring at the bag mouth, etc. The filter bags and accessories of the

  3. The correct installation and storage method of dedusting filter bag


    The correct installation of the dust collector bag is very important to improve the service life of the dust collector bag. The following is the recommended steps for installing the dust filter bag in the dust collector when the spray pipe is removed:

  4. Which parts of dedusting filter bag are prone to wear


    Dust filter bag is the core component of bag filter, which plays a decisive role in the use effect of bag filter. The value proportion of dust filter bag in the whole bag filter is large, and its damage will directly affect the dust removal efficiency. The air volume, dust concentration, load balance, flue gas temperature and humidity, corrosion and other factors of the dedusting system may cause

  5. Five categories of dedusting filter bags


    The filter material used in the dust removal filter bag is temperature resistant, strong acid, weak acid, strong alkali, weak alkali, oil, fragrance, alcohol ether, organic solution, microorganism.

  6. Eight external factors affecting the service life of dedusting filter bag


    In the industrial dedusting and purification, due to the different characteristics of iron and steel, cement, power generation, waste incineration and other industries and the differences of the working conditions of the enterprise itself, there are many factors that affect the life of the dedusting filter bag. Generally, the working conditions refer to the surrounding environment of the dedusting

  7. Causes of damage to dust filter bag and Solution


    In recent years, some units blindly reduce the cost of equipment and increase profits. When designing the bag filter, the filtering wind speed is increased. In a short time, users have no obvious reaction, but the service life of the filter bag is greatly shortened. This does not save users money, but brings a very large economic burden, and a waste of time. How to prolong the service life of filt

  8. Causes of damage to dust filter bag and Solutions


    The filter bag dedusting equipment belongs to the dry dedusting device, which can not only catch fine dust, purify flue gas, but also help to recycle the exhaust gas. In the whole dedusting process, the dedusting filter bag is the most important dedusting tool, which directly affects the dedusting effect of the whole system, but its cost is also slightly high, and it is easy to be damaged due to l

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