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Causes of damage to dust filter bag and Solutions
Source:Fushun tianxingda industrial cloth Co., Ltd Release time:2019/11/23 15:42:30
The filter bag dedusting equipment belongs to the dry dedusting device, which can not only catch fine dust, purify flue gas, but also help to recycle the exhaust gas. In the whole dedusting process, the dedusting filter bag is the most important dedusting tool, which directly affects the dedusting effect of the whole system, but its cost is also slightly high, and it is easy to be damaged due to long-term direct contact with flue gas, so finding out the cause of damage and solving it is the best way to save cost and guarantee working hours.

Generally, there are several reasons for the damage of dedusting filter bag:
1. The dedusting framework is not standard. If the dedusting frame is welded unevenly or there is friction with the box body, it will cause the dedusting filter bag to be worn or punctured during the shaking process. Generally, the unevenness of dedusting frame refers to the burr or edge angle;

2. The suspension of dedusting bag is not standard. If the dust filter bag is too loose when it is hung, it will cause collision or friction between the dust filter bag and other components, resulting in its own damage;

3. The removal of dust removal filter bag is not standard. When the dust filter bag is disassembled or installed, it is likely to collide with the metal edges and corners, resulting in dark injury, which is not easy to be found, but the phenomenon of ash emission will occur during operation;

4. The ash cleaning cycle is unreasonable. Too short cleaning cycle and wrong cleaning method will increase the burden of dust removal filter bag, resulting in easy damage of dust removal filter bag;

5. Dust gas properties. The phenomenon of too high temperature, too high concentration and too high wind speed of the dust containing gas will increase the burden of the dust removal filter bag and easily cause the premature damage of the dust removal filter bag. In addition, if the used filter bag fails to cooperate with this working condition, it is easy to burn; otherwise, if the temperature is too low and the wind speed is low, it is easy to cause condensation and incomplete dust removal of the filter bag, then the filter bag is more likely to be damaged.
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