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Causes of damage to dust filter bag and Solution
Source:Fushun tianxingda industrial cloth Co., Ltd Release time:2019/11/23 15:46:10
In recent years, some units blindly reduce the cost of equipment and increase profits. When designing the bag filter, the filtering wind speed is increased. In a short time, users have no obvious reaction, but the service life of the filter bag is greatly shortened. This does not save users money, but brings a very large economic burden, and a waste of time. How to prolong the service life of filter bag? The following points can be referred to:

1. Select appropriate filter material
The selection of filter material should be based on the temperature of gas, chemical characteristics, filtration speed, ash cleaning method, discharge concentration and working system of bag filter. In general, needle felt is used for pulse jet bag filter; woven fabric is used for chamber back blow bag filter or mechanical vibration bag filter.

2. Reasonable structure
The structure of the filter bag shall meet the requirements of the matched bag filter for filtration and ash removal, and shall be installed conveniently and sealed reliably.

3. Exquisite sewing technology
The sewing size shall meet the design requirements, and the heat shrinkage size shall be reserved according to the filter material type and use temperature; the suture needle distance shall be reasonable, the suture shall meet the requirements, and there shall be no burr or fracture to damage the filter bag; the filter bag shall not be damaged or damped during the storage and transportation, and the glass fiber filter bag shall not be under heavy pressure and the storage period shall be too long, otherwise the service life will be affected.

4. Correct usage
(1) installation mode
Installation method of external filter bag: the bag mouth and porous plate shall be sealed and fixed reliably, the filter bag shall be suspended vertically under the porous plate, the adjacent filter bags shall not collide with each other, the filter bag and the frame shall match correctly, and the frame shall be straight without burr.

Installation method of internal filter bag: the upper end of the filter bag is equipped with a bag cap which is hung on the cross beam of the precipitator through a hanging device, the lower end and the lower bag are reliably sealed and fixed, and the tension is adjusted to reach the specified value, so that the filter bag does not loosen or fall off during filtering and back blowing

(2) reliable and effective ash removal
During the use of the filter bag, the dust shall be isolated through effective dust removal to keep the pressure difference between the inside and outside of the filter bag within the set range.

(3) prevent sudden abnormal conditions
During the operation of the bag filter, it is necessary to prevent sudden abnormal conditions, so that the temperature, humidity, chemical corrosivity, mechanical wear or impact and other factors exceed the tolerance of the filter bag.

The service life of bag filter is not the same, but needs to be analyzed according to the actual situation. In order to prolong the service life of the filter bag, it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of the equipment in the process of using the bag filter equipment.
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