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The correct installation and storage method of dedusting filter bag
Source:Fushun tianxingda industrial cloth Co., Ltd Release time:2019/11/23 16:00:00
The correct installation of the dust collector bag is very important to improve the service life of the dust collector bag. The following is the recommended steps for installing the dust filter bag in the dust collector when the spray pipe is removed:

The installation of the filter bag shall be carried out after the completion of all the installation work of the precipitator (including the heat preservation and anti-corrosion work). Remove the blowpipe before installing the filter bag. When handling and storing the filter bag, pay attention to prevent the filter bag from contacting with surrounding hard objects and sharp objects. Do not step on or press heavily to avoid damage.

1. When the filter bag is stored, the filter bag shall be kept away from the fire source, moisture-proof, direct sunlight and other strong light to prevent heavy objects from squeezing. Each filter bag shall be inspected before installation to prevent mechanical damage.

2. The installation personnel of dust removal filter bag shall wear concise clothes. The clothes shall be clean and shall not carry cigarettes, matches, lighters, keys, knives and other objects to avoid falling into the filter bag. (if debris falls into the filter bag, it must be taken out). It is not allowed to wear shoes with iron nails or hard soles for installation. The person who installs the filter bag shall be fixed, the post shall be fixed and the responsibility shall be clear. Each person shall record the filter bag installed by himself and sign on the record book.

3. Environmental requirements for the installation of dedusting filter bag: the lighting on the installation site is sufficient, and it is not allowed to store devices and sundries irrelevant to the installation on the site.

4. During the installation of filter bag of dust removal filter bag, smoking, any form and any part of electric welding and cutting are strictly prohibited. In case of power failure, it is strictly prohibited to use lighters, matches and other lighting. After the installation work is completed every day, the installation tools shall be counted to avoid missing and falling into the filter bag to damage the filter bag.

5 requirements for installation of filter bag for dust removal filter bag: it is recommended to install the filter bag by two people. One person folds the bag longitudinally into the flower plate hole, and the other person grabs and opens the rolled filter bag. The cage frame shall be aligned with the center, placed gently, and installed vertically.

6. Installation inspection of dedusting filter bag: after each filter bag is installed, check whether the joint joint is sealed and whether the sealing position is correct. Check whether it is vertical from the ash hopper. If the bottom of the filter bag collides or is not correct, make records in time and under the guidance of a specially assigned person.

7. After the installation of dust removal filter bag, the flower plate shall be gradually covered with canvas to avoid sundries falling into the filter bag. When installing the blowpipe, cover the flower plate with canvas to prevent damage to the filter bag mouth.

8. Special attention shall be paid to the installation of dedusting filter bag: the center of the five parts, i.e. jet pipe hole, venturi nozzle, filter bag frame, dedusting filter bag and flower plate, shall be the same, and the deviation shall be less than 2mm.
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